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Las Loberuelas

- Traditional Spanish Partridge Shooting at its best! -

Just off the ancient Roman road of The Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route) in the wild and unspoiled hills of Sierra Norte de Sevilla, lies the stunning 6,700 acre Las Loberuelas Estate. Until very recently, the Estate has been privately owned and shot by the renowned Madariaga Family. However, the decision has now been made to offer shooting on the Estate to a wider audience. 

The property is incredibly varied in its topography, with its ancient olive groves and lush meadows leading gently up into the mature oak tree covered sloping hills. Climbing a little further, the ground transitions into wild steep-sided rocky valleys and mountains, which climb to over 2,300 feet at their highest point. The variety of flora and fauna which thrive in this environment is impressive with each segment of the Estate differing in the sights and sounds you experience changing constantly as you round each bend or reach the summit of each hill. 

The Estate has the ability to be very flexible depending on the client’s personal requirements for each shooting trip but the usual form for a days shooting would be for the team to meet their Secretarios and Cargadors (loaders) at c. 0900hrs and after a delicious breakfast served in the private antique carriage museum on the Estate. A days shooting usually consists of four or five drives with a drink between each and light tapas taken in the field offering time for Guns to enjoy their surroundings and discuss the shooting. The timings of the shoot days are never rushed with days in the south of Spain being long and sunny, providing ample time for teams to enjoy themselves without being rushed from one drive to another. At the end of each day, lunch will be served either at the main house or in the field depending on the team’s preference 

The Estate is incredibly fortunate to have two converted Unimog lorries, one of which provides a fully functioning kitchen “in the field”, enabling the best quality of catering to be offered whilst teams are shooting and the second provides a comfortable sitting room with bathroom facilities adjoining. The combination provides the Estate with great flexibility to choose lunch and taco locations for each day. 

Whilst the Estate can accept single days shooting we have found that the preferred combination for our clients is usually a combination of two days shooting with two nights in the Estate house followed by a single night in Sevilla.


The partridge shoot at Las Loberuelas has continued to evolve and caters well for guests looking for the variety. The Estate is not able to only offer traditional Spanish partridges but also “extreme” partridges which show well over the guns standing in the Estate’s deep valleys below. One drive in particular, “Sean’s drive”, is quickly building a reputation for showing exceptional high birds, and has been compared to the very best the West Country has to offer. 

The Estate continues to explore various options to improve the shooting offered and this has resulted in a number of additional valleys being opened up and drives developed. 

In addition to the wing shooting, there is the opportunity to stalk exceptional Red and Fallow Deer, as well as Mouflon and boar. Alternatively, if the team might like the challenge of driven game, it’s possible to shoot a unique Spanish Monteria with driven boar all without leaving the Estate. Las Loberuelas is also fortunate enough to be home to one of the finest populations of Iberian Red deer following decades of management with numerous medal-class stags shot each year. 

While the shooting is usually the main draw to the Estate, for those guests who are not shooting, it is possible to arrange activities and day excursions to include local historical tours, horse or carriage rides through the Estate (with the option to join the shooting party for lunch) or, merely stay and relax by the pool in the Spanish sun.


The Estate is located in the heart of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla mountains, just over 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from the City of Sevilla.


This Estate offers much more of a traditional sporting home than a lodge. The Las Loberuelas house sits amongst the ancient olive groves, with exceptional views of the surrounding hills. With its superb hospitality and cuisine, it offers the perfect place to enjoy this unique environment. During 2020, the covid lull provided the ideal time for further improvements to be made to the lodge with a luxury additional wing being added to the main house. The house now offers ten en suite rooms, a private salon, a stunning dining room and a terrace with a pool, all designed and built with client comfort as the ultimate priority.

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