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Driven Grouse Shooting

Driven Grouse shooting is the Sport of Kings!

The Red grouse is only found in the United Kingdom due to its heather habitat. It has developed in isolation from other sub species of Willow Grouse, which are widespread in Northern Parts of Eurasia and North America.

Early on in the season, Red Grouse fly in their family group or covey, usually eight to twelve in number. Later on in the season, these merge into packs of thirty to perhaps fifty and on occasions a massive pack can consists of hundreds of grouse, all in the air at once and heading towards your butt!

Red Grouse are found in numbers only on Moors in the North of England or Scotland. Although Scotland is sometimes thought of as the home of Grouse shooting in UK, the reality is that the most prolific and consistent moors are to be found in the North of England. These run from the Peak District through to the Scottish Border with the Yorkshire moors perhaps now at the epicentre of Grouse Shooting. However, there has been a renaissance of some Scottish Moors in recent years.

The season starts on the “Glorious 12th” (12th August) and runs through to December 10th, although the majority of Moors will have completed their shooting programme towards the end of October or early November.

Driven Grouse shooting is described as the pinnacle of all game shooting available in the United Kingdom and we are delighted to be able to offer access to some of the most prestigious grouse shooting Estates throughout the country.

Driven Grouse Shooting Driven Grouse Shooting


We are the premier Grouse letting agency in the country and are able to offer driven Grouse shooting in every area of the country where this sport still occures.

Dates Available
Bag Size
Full Team
Single Guns
Guns Available
Latest Days Available
21st August 2020
County Durham
150 brace
Full Team: No
Single Guns: Yes
Guns Available: Up to 4
Cost: POA
15th - 16th Oct 2020
North Yorkshire
100 brace per day
Full Team: Yes
Single Guns: No
Guns Available: Up to 9
Cost: POA

For more information on any of the dates above please contact us on 01295 661033

Grouse Shooting Estates

Driven Grouse shooting is the Sport of Kings and we are fortunate enough to be actively managing some of the country’s finest Grouse Moors, giving us access to some of the UK's most sought after grouse shooting. These Estates include (but are not limited to):

Associated Estates
Associated Estates

Associated Grouse Estates

Beside our Managed estates, we also have prime access to some of the country’s best known grouse moors. So if you are looking for something with the WOW factor or prefer something a little lower key, then why not enquire and see what William Powell Sporting can offer you?

These Estates include:

  • Danby, Yorkshire
  • Swinton Park, Yorkshire
  • Allenheads, Northumberland
  • Raby, County Durham
  • Ralia, Highlands
  • Weardale, County Durham
  • Hunthill, Angus
  • Rotherhope, Northumberland

…and plenty more!


A Day on the Driven Grouse

You’re the best! For my first driven grouse experience, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Your company was extremely professional and every one of your staff were incredibly friendly, and couldn’t have been more helpful.

All the details were taken care of, I just had to focus on my shooting. If you are looking for the complete package done right, this is the team to use.

Raymond Oglethorpe

Former President, America Online

5/ 5 stars

Exhilarating North Yorks Grouse

One of the advantages of the North York Moors is their consistency. This combined with a very high standard of management, ensures that significant shooting occurs on these moors year after year.

We have access, through our network of managed and associated Estates, to some of the finest and most consistent Estates in this area.


Keep up to date with the latest news and availability as they become available.