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Driven Pheasant Shooting

High, curling birds - Tradition at its finest!

Pheasants are the UK’s most hunted birds. Introduced here by the Romans, they are now widespread. Pheasants are also well known throughout Western Europe, China, central Asia and America. They feed on a diet of seeds, berries and insects, preferring a habitat of wooded agricultural lowland which can provide both roosting and feeding sites. Males mate with more than one female and females undertake all the duties of incubating and rearing the chicks alone.

Commonly Pheasants are flushed from cover crops and flushing points or from wooded areas on higher ground over a line of 8-9 standing guns. Pheasant shooting can be found throughout the UK catering for an array of sporting abilities from the extreme high bird shoots which can found in parts of Wales, West Country and Yorkshire/Northumberland, but also in the hillier parts of Scotland to traditional lowland shoots found in the South East, Suffolk, Cotswolds and surrounding areas.

Through our network of managed and associated shooting Estates, we offer days to all teams of all abilities, and at a bag size to suit.

Pheasant Shooting Estates

Whether it is the high curling Pheasant of North Yorkshire or the West Country or classic driven Partridges closer to London or up in the Scottish Borders, we have access to the best shooting available in the UK.

Associated Estates
Associated Estates

Associated Pheasant Shooting Estates

In addition to our managed estates we also have prime access to some of the country’s best known shoots. So if you fancy something with WOW factor or prefer something a little lower key, then why not enquire and see what William Powell Sporting could offer you!

Our associated Estates include:

  • Duncombe Park, Yorkshire
  • Rievaulx, Yorkshire
  • Swinton, West Yorkshire
  • Murton Grange, Yorkshire
  • Farndale, Yorkshire
  • Faccombe, Wiltshire
  • Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire
  • Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire
  • Cruwys Morchard, Devon
  • Llwyn Madoc, Wales

…and plenty more!


With our knowledge and vast experience we ensure that we offer only the best Partridge & Pheasant shooting on some of the country’s finest estates.

Date Available Location Bag Size Quarry Full Team Single Guns Guns Available Cost Enquire
21st - 30th Jan 2019 Mongewell Estate, Chiltern Valley 75 Birds Driven Pheasants Yes No 8 or 9 £2,925 + Vat Enquire
28th January 2019 Exmoor 250 Birds Driven Pheasants Yes No 8 or 9 £14,000 inc VAT Enquire
29th January 2019 Gloucestershire 250 Birds Driven Pheasant & Partridge Yes No 8 or 9 £10,500 +VAT Enquire

For more information on any of the dates above please contact us on 01295 661033


Keep up to date with the latest news and availability as they become available.