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Driven Pheasant Shooting

- High, curling birds - Tradition at its finest! -

Driven Pheasant shooting is the UK’s most popular form of shooting. First introduced by the Romans, Pheasant shoots are now widespread across the UK and are still to this day renowned for the history and traditions which are seen on a classic driven day.

With pheasant shooting now more accessible than ever, William Powell Sporting is delighted to host clients of all abilities at unique and exclusive shoots across the UK. On a day’s shooting, pheasants are flushed from woodland and cover in a direction in which they will pass over the line of 8 to 9 guns. The difficulty of the shooting varies depending on the topography the pheasants are covering. Generally speaking, the higher the bird, the more skill it takes to successfully shoot, and we therefore ensure that each team is always presented with suitable shoots to match their abilities, so as to ensure that an enjoyable day is had by all. Here at William Powell Sporting, we pride ourselves on our ability to perfectly match teams with the correct shoots, given our vast knowledge and experience of UK pheasant shoots, gained over years of operating in the industry. Through our network of managed and associated shooting Estates, we offer days to teams of all abilities, and at a target bag to suit each individual teams requirements.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to meet all requirements from start to finish, which may include airport collections, gun hire, clothing sales, exclusive accommodation, and much more.

If driven pheasant shooting is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact the team, who will be delighted to assist you with any interest you may have.

Shooting Season Dates:

1st October – 1st February

Hand-Picked Estates

Whether it is the high curling Pheasants of North Yorkshire, the deep valleys of the West Country or the classic driven Partridges closer to London or up in the Scottish Borders and beyond, we are actively involved with some of the country’s finest Pheasant and Partridge shoots, giving us access to some of the UK’s most sought after low ground shooting. These are just some of the Estate’s that come highly recommended….

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