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Driven European Wild Boar

You will have the most exciting time of your life!

The wild-boar has its origins in Western Europe. Wild-boars are very adaptable omnivores. Wild boar numbers have increased in recent decades throughout their range in continental Europe, Poland and as far afield as Pakistan. This is largely down to the lack of predation due to decreasing numbers of their natural predators such as the Lynx. Adult male boars weigh in the region of 120 to 150 kg and will stand 70 to 90cm at the shoulder with an overall body length of approximately 150cm. These animals will possess razor sharp tusks which grow progressively from two years of age. Females are about 30% lighter in weight.

There is no close season for Wild boar but any culling should not include sows with dependant offspring.


Nothing makes your heart beat faster than facing down a wild European Boar as it charges towards you. We represent fantastic private Estates in France and Austria with luxury accommodation as part of the package.


Keep up to date with the latest news and some exciting days in the field as they become available.