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Walked-up Shooting

The excitment can start at any time!


In addition to offering spectacular driven grouse Phoines can also offer walked-up, mini driven and rough shooting.

Rough shoot days are with bag expectations of between 40 – 50 head of game (Pheasant, Partridge, Ducks, Hares, Rabbits, Pigeons) for between four and six guns.

Mini Driven days are for teams of six-eight guns, shooting 70 – 90 head of game (Pheasant, Partridge, Ducks, Hares, Rabbits, Pigeons).

Walked up days can be tailored to suit each team. Bags size vary typically 5 – 15 brace of Grouse.


This Premier Grouse Moor can also offer walked up days with bags from 5-20 brace. All of the days will be guided by one of the dedicated keepers who will ensure that you’ll have a day to remember.

Each walked up day will be tailored to individual needs. Species that be shot each day include Pheasant, Grouse, Pigeons and Rabbits.


One of the country’s most consistent Grouse moors in recent years plays host to a small amount of walked up shoots days. With days ranging from 5-15 brace, these days are fantastic to anyone new to the sport or a group of father & sons wishing to spend some valuable time together. Days are completely bespoke and can include Grouse, Pheasants, Partridges, Pigeons and Rabbits.

Walked Up Shooting


Dates Available
Bag Size
Full Team
Single Guns
Guns Available
Latest Days Available
1st Oct 2020 - 31st Jan 2021
Scottish Highlands
30 - 50
Full Team: Yes
Single Guns: No
Guns Available: Up to 9
Cost: POA

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