Smaller Calibres

We are seeing more and more 20 gauge shotguns being used in the field these days as well as 16 and 28 gauge and perhaps more surprisingly, .410’s.

The choice of cartridge for these calibres is far less than for a 12 bore, but we would suggest that 25 grams of 6 shot for early season and 28 grams of 6 shot or more often 5 shot, should cover most eventualities for the 20 gauge user.

For 16 gauge, either 26.5 gram of 6 shot earlier on and then 28 gram of 5 shot should again be the most popular choices in a fibre wad. The 16 gauge is intrinsically a lighter gun than the 12 bore and side by sides particularly, do not seem to respond well to heavier loads.

28 gauge users seem to suffer from arguably the finest cartridge in this calibre being made in the US (Federal and Winchesters) and so being prohibitively expensive and only available with a plastic wad. However, Gamebore in particular make a very good range in their Pure Gold series with a fibre wad from 16 grams of 6 shot for the younger shooter through to 25 grams of 5 shot which we recommend for higher birds.