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Farleigh Wallop Estate

Farleigh Wallop is a hugely impressive shoot found approximately 1 hour 15 min from central London. The Farleigh Shoot is located in the impressive grounds of Farleigh Wallop house and offers a wide range of birds that are beautifully presented over tall mature woodland in addition to well positioned cover crops.

The estate benefits from approximately 15 named drives with the most impressive of these found in the renowned Bedlam Bottom valley. This traditional sporting Estate provides a quintessentially British feel to each day with the individual needs of each client being catered for in the most attentive way.

The shoot is fantastically positioned just off the M3 and provides the ideal location for teams travelling out of London. The area is home to many shoots and as a result, the pubs and hotels are well accustomed to teams of Guns.

Teams looking for the most traditional and enjoyable days in the countryside a short distance from London need to look no further!

Located in the impressive grounds of Farleigh Wallop house, the shoot is just 1 hour 15 min from central London



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