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Fast, Challenging Shooting

This 9,000 acre mixed hill and low ground Estate includes 4 separate days of driven Grouse shooting as well as a mixed Pheasant and Partridge shoot on the lower slopes including the famous high bird drive ‘Craig’s’.

The Estate is particularly well known for the siting of the butt lines so as to ensure fast challenging shooting around the shoulders of hillside, behind ridges and making best use of other natural features. Raeshaw lies in the south of Scotland, within 35 minutes’ drive of Edinburgh Airport but amidst stunning scenery, much more reminiscent of the Highlands. The moors are extremely well-roaded ensuring good access to almost all lines of butts and there are Argocats to cover any journeys to the few butts which 4×4 vehicles cannot reach. In addition the lodge staff provide some of the best lunches in Scotland!


Raeshaw Lodge

Raeshaw Lodge

Raeshaw has its own nine bedroom lodge which was renovated by the current owners when the Estate was purchased in the late 1990’s. It has been meticulously maintained ever since and the team of full and part time staff ensure that all guests are extremely well looked after in one of the finest Lodges in Scotland.


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Please do call us to discuss your requirements as we may be able to find or put a day together for you.

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