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We are a Sporting Agency which can accommodate all of our client’s wishes, it’s the finer detail which distinguishes us from our competitors.



Gun Hire

Gun Hire

We can offer a selection of 12 and 20 bore shotguns that can hired out for shoot days by prior arrangement. Upon request if you can advise height and whether right or left handed it will assist us in selecting the most ideal shotgun available. The charge per gun £100 + vat which can be paid on the day or invoiced after the event.

Gun Hire

Gun Servicing

Getting your Gun serviced is vital to assuring its reliability throughout the season. We recommend that you have your gun serviced at least every 3 years, but sooner if you have experienced a vast amount of wet days during the season.

We offer a 3-4 week turnaround on most guns.

The quality of our workmanship, knowledge and experience is incomparable.

Gun Hire

Gun Storage

We offer a fully insured safe gun storage facilities at our Banbury showroom able to accommodate long term storage or a short term whilst you’re moving house or having your certificate renewed.

Gun storage on short term is £30 + vat per month per gun or we can offer a long term service for only £200 + vat per gun for a year. You are able to take the gun in and out as many times as you need.

For more information call our Gunroom on 01295 701701


Anyone that is shooting with us bringing their own guns must possess a valid certificate and it must be present with them on the day of the shoot. Each serial number of the guns intended to use must be listed on your certificate. Legally you may use a shotgun without a Shotgun Certificate providing the owner of the shotgun is present and he or she has a valid Shotgun Certificate.

We can arrange visitor’s shotgun permits for individuals or for whole parties of guns. In order for us to submit an application we would require the following information;

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Make, Type, gauge and serial number of the gun(s) they are to bring over
  • Full copy of their US Hunting Permit (all pages) or European hunting permits

We would ask that anyone requiring Visitors Permits submit their interest and supported documentation at least 2 months prior to the scheduled shoot day. The cost of the permit is £125 +VAT.


We are very lucky to be able to offer two of the very best instructors for in field tuition, Simon Ward and Tom Payne.

Simon Ward

Simon Ward

Shooting Instructor

One of the country’s best Game shots, Simon offers bespoke in the field coaching for individuals or whole teams. Please contact us for more details

Will Robinson

Will Robinson

Shooting Instructor & Sporting Agent

Will leads on the management of the some of the UK’s best grouse moors. This management work gives him an fantastic working knowledge of each of our managed Estates and allows him to adjust each day to the teams requirements.

Will has been instructing in the field for the last 10 years. In 2017 he completed an APSI Advanced Shotgun Coaching Course and became an Associate member. These additional skills give him the ability to enhance his clients days in the field, offering advice on shooting technique and safety.

Ross Gibson

Ross Gibson

Shooting Instructor & Gunroom Manager

In October 2016 Ross took over the day to day running of the William Powell Gunroom. Offering sales and an in-depth knowledge of bespoke or off the shelf guns, repairs, servicing and storage along with expert advice on cartridges choice.

Having run his own shoot for the past six years, Ross has a real passion for providing teams with a great days sport and fun in a relaxing family atmosphere. He regularly hosts days on Grouse, Partridge and Pheasant.

Recently Ross has completed the Advanced APSI Instructors and Safety Course along with previously attaining Lantra Level 2 Assisting Shooting and loading Course and the BASC Safe shot qualification.

Peg Assistance & Loaders

Peg Assistance & Loaders

Making the day run easier

Our on the peg assistance (loaders) are primarily there to offer a “helping hand” service, carrying your gun(s) and cartridges, marking your shot birds and offering general advice to help improve your shooting. All of our loaders have been on the Lantra approved loaders course and have years of experience and knowledge.


William powell Blue Lightning

Making sure you have the right cartridges for the shoot you’re visiting will undoubtedly make the day more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than feeling under powered when arriving to a high bird shoot. Our Sporting Agents have vast experience and can suitably advise you on the best shot and weight of cartridge to use on any shoot day.

Order your cartridges with us in advance and we will ensure they are ready for you when you arrive at the shoot.

Struggling with your choice of cartridges on the day? We always have an extra supply of 12 & 20 bore cartridges to hand should you run out or want to try something different.

Find out more about Cartridge Choice

William Powell has its own branded range of cartridges that cater for all:

Model Weight Shot Size Price per 25 Price per 250 Price per 500 Price per 1000
Red Grouse 29 Gram 6.5 Shot £9.10 £83.99 £160.99 £307.98
Red Game 30 Gram 5 Shot £9.64 £88.97 £170.52 £326.23
Red Game 30 Gram 6 Shot £9.64 £88.97 £170.52 £326.23
Blue Lightning 31 Gram 5.5 Shot £9.75 £90.00 £172.50 £330.00
Blue Lightning 33 Gram 4.5 Shot £10.42 £96.19 £184.37 £352.70

Airport Collection

Our agents are willing to go that extra mile so whether it be your planes lands at 23:00 or 04:30 we will have someone there to greet you and take you either to your hotel or deliver you to the shoot in time for the drawing of pegs.

The Finest Accommodation

Getting the right hotel, inn or private shooting lodge is a very important part of any successful shooting trip. We work with the best hotels, exclusive lodges and luxury inns on a regular basis, so they in turn always ensure our clients get the best service, food and lodgings available.

Finest Accommodation
Finest Accommodation
Finest Accommodation
Finest Accommodation


“Jonathan’s photography is the best there is, his ‘shots’ capture the moment, his work in the shooting field is just fantastic.”

George Digweed MBE. 26 times world clay shooting champion.

Jonathan McGee

Our expertise in country sports photography, inspired by our passion for rural pursuits, has established our reputation as a leader in the field. Shooting Photography was founded by Jonathan. M. McGee in 2010. Based in Leeds, we create exceptional photographic and film footage of field sports activities across the world.

Call + (0) 780 575547 for more information.

Non-Shooting Guests

Not only do we cater for our shooting guest we can also provide endless entertainment for our non-shooting guests. We can arrange bespoke packages to keep you busy whilst your better half is enjoying yet another days shooting.

Whether you want a day at the spa or days shopping we can arrange bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Sightseeing Trips
Spa Days
Clothes Shopping


A Day on the Driven Grouse

You’re the best! For my first driven grouse experience, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Your company was extremely professional and every one of your staff were incredibly friendly, and couldn’t have been more helpful.

All the details were taken care of, I just had to focus on my shooting. If you are looking for the complete package done right, this is the team to use.

Raymond Oglethorpe

Former President, America Online

5/ 5 stars