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British Game Alliance

We are proud to announce we are supporting the British Game Alliance (BGA)

The BGA is a non-Profit organisation which will act as the national Marketing Board to promote the sale of game across all sectors of our industry. The British Game Assurance Scheme for participating shoots, which ensures members are adhering to the BGA’s shoot standards whilst having access to new markets and benefiting from the continual increase in the value of game. The British Game stamp shows the high standards which have been adhered to in all areas, encouraging the general public to have confidence in the purchase of game as a fantastic food source.

A partnership has been formed with Acoura who run the Red Tractor assurance scheme. Acoura will conduct external auditing for 20% of the BGA shoots annually. Acoura will also investigate any credible complaints which are raised.

The BGA are aiming to make game meat more accessible to the wider public by emphasising its versatility, delicious tastes and fantastic health benefits. They will also direct consumers to sustainably sourced game meat and will be targeting the perception of game. This will be done by making game readily available across the country and online to try and remove any stigma attached to game meat. As a way to help complete this, the BGA have announced that pheasant and quail will be sold in supermarkets ready meals in the near future. The BGA have also started providing a “recipe of the month” on their website to encourage consumers to be adventurous with their cooking of game.

Having gained support from all of the UK’s shooting organisations, the BGA needs all shoot owners, sporting agents, game dealers and the shooting public to participate in this initiative. This is hugely important to ensure a future for the game industry and as a direct consequence, for Game Shooting. Please enthusiastically support this initiative.

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