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Cenicientos Estate

- Driven Spanish Partridges - An hour from Madrid -

Cenicientos Shoot is located in the Provincia de Toledo which is a short 75-minute drive from Madrid airport, making travel to and from Cenicientos convenient and simple. The shoot covers approximately 9,000 hectares and provides the ideal habitat for Spanish Partridges, enabling premium shooting. The estate is varied in its makeup, from agricultural land to steep-sided valleys providing the ideal launchpad for a consistent quality of driven partridge.

The estate also boasts a stunning lodge offering 10 ensuite bedrooms, (5 double rooms and 5 twin rooms) and will leave all guests feeling at home. The food and wine served in the lodge are excellent and served by efficient and accommodating house staff who are on hand to look after your every need. Tours and visits to local sites of historical and architectural interest accompanied by local English-speaking guides, can also be arranged on request. This is the ideal Estate for teams that are new to driven Spanish partridge, the fantastic combination of hospitality and the possiblity to match drives with the shooting ability of the team will ensure all have an incredibly satisfactory time at Cenicientos.

Spanish Season Dates:

1st October – 10th March.


Arrangement for Driven Partridges at Cenicientos

Full Team Price:

€11,250 – 250 birds
€17,600 – 400 birds
€25,200 – 600 birds
€32,800 – 800 birds

The listed prices apply to full team availability, please note Spanish VAT is 21%.

An initial deposit of 50% of the bag is required in order to reserve requested dates. The remaining amount will be due one month prior to the shoot. All extra expenses, including overages, will be paid after the shoot. In the event of underage, a cartridge ratio of 3.5: 1 or the hosts discretion will be used. On average, teams will shoot between 4-5 drives per day.

Price includes:

Licenses and legislation

Transfers to and from the airport to Cenicientos lodge (4×4 cars)

Luxury accommodation at Cenicientos lodge for all guns

All meals and drinks during your stay at the lodge

All 4×4 transfers during the shoot and full guide services

All organisation during the day shooting: assistants, cars, etc

All necessary equipment for days shooing: gun slips, seats, safety screens, etc

Unlimited premium brand cartridges

Price excludes:

Observers or non – hunters: €250 per day +VAT

Extra partridge, €38 per extra bird +VAT

Extra nights accommodation: €250 per night +VAT

Shotgun rental: €100 per day per shotgun +VAT

Professional shooting instructor: €350 per day +VAT

Individual transport (on demand)

House staff gratuitys

One assistant and one loader per hunter: €150 per day +VAT

Hotels and meals on arrival into Madrid if not transferring to Cenicientos the same day

Please call 01295 661033 or email to place an enquiry or find out more.

All GBP prices stated are approximate figures, booking costs may differ.


Staying at Cenicientos

We have superb accommodation in our hunting areas. We propose country houses with 10 suite bedrooms (5 double & 5 twin). The hunters will find themselves at home. The food and wine is excellent with efficient and accommodating house staff. We can provide the best service available to suit our client’s requirements. We are available to arrange tours or visits to various places of historical and architectural interest with guides if requested or shopping with our personal shoppers, for the non-shooting guests. The combination of easy access, superb hospitality, supreme food, wine and accommodation makes our organisation an attractive place to enjoy classic driven partridge shooting.


Keep up to date with the latest news and availability as they become available.