Making sure you have the right cartridges for the shoot you’re visiting will undoubtedly make the day more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than feeling under powered when arriving to a high bird shoot. Our Sporting Agents have vast experience and can suitably advise you on the best shot and weight of cartridge to use on any shoot day.

Order your cartridges with us in advance and we will ensure they are ready for you when you arrive at the shoot.

Struggling with your choice of cartridges on the day? We always have an extra supply of 12 & 20 bore cartridges to hand should you run out or want to try something different.

Find out more about Cartridge Choice

William Powell has its own branded range of cartridges that cater for all:

Model Weight Shot Size Price per 25 Price per 250 Price per 500 Price per 1000
Red Grouse 29 Gram 6.5 Shot £9.10 £83.99 £160.99 £307.98
Red Game 30 Gram 5 Shot £9.64 £88.97 £170.52 £326.23
Red Game 30 Gram 6 Shot £9.64 £88.97 £170.52 £326.23
Blue Lightning 31 Gram 5.5 Shot £9.75 £90.00 £172.50 £330.00
Blue Lightning 33 Gram 4.5 Shot £10.42 £96.19 £184.37 £352.70