Cartridges for Grouse Shooting

In August and September we believe nothing larger than 30 grams of No.6 shot is necessary to cleanly kill a grouse at up to 40/45 yards. Our own 29 gram 6 ½ shot (Red Grouse cartridge) was specifically designed for this type of shooting which produces an excellent pattern and is a good balance of shot size and ‘punch’.

Later on in the Grouse season there is an argument for using a heavier load with perhaps No. 5 shot as the birds get stronger and faster and are harder to kill, particularly going away. Serious consideration must however be given to the distance that the larger shot will travel from these heavier cartridges, in relation to shoot staff specifically flankers during a grouse drive. Certainly nothing bigger than 32 grams of 5 shot should be used on a moor and we recommend something a little lighter such as the Blue Lightening 31 gram 5 ½ shot cartridge.