Making sure you have the right cartridges for the shoot you’re visiting will undoubtedly make the day more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than feeling under powered when arriving to a high bird shoot. Our Sporting Agents have vast experience and can suitably advise you on the best shot and weight of cartridge to use on any shoot day.

Order your cartridges with us in advance and we will ensure they are ready for you when you arrive at the shoot.

Struggling with your choice of cartridges on the day? We always have an extra supply of 12 & 20 bore cartridges to hand should you run out or want to try something different.

Find out more about Cartridge Choice

William Powell has its own branded range of cartridges that cater for all:

Model Weight Shot Size Price per 25 Price per 250 Price per 500 Price per 1000
Red Grouse 29 Gram 6.5 Shot £9.10 £83.99 £160.99 £307.98
Red Game 30 Gram 5 Shot £9.64 £88.97 £170.52 £326.23
Red Game 30 Gram 6 Shot £9.64 £88.97 £170.52 £326.23
Blue Lightning 31 Gram 5.5 Shot £9.75 £90.00 £172.50 £330.00
Blue Lightning 33 Gram 4.5 Shot £10.42 £96.19 £184.37 £352.70

Availability Testimonial

Shooting at Bransdale Moor

Just a short note to say thank you very much indeed for a great days sport and hospitality at Bransdale on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the location indeed.

I look forward to seeing you again before too long and taking advantage of further grouse days.


5 / 5 stars

Services Testimonial

Driven Grouse Shooting at Snilesworth

I just wanted to let you both know what an amazing day we had on the moor loved every minute of it even in the rain! I’ve constantly heard the expression that power boat racing is like standing in the shower throwing £50 notes around but I really think my first day on the grouse was not much different!

Really appreciate the assistance and support you both gave me, the loader provided (Nigel) was really helpful very calm and experienced liked him a lot.

You are running a great shoot, perfectly organised, could not have been better, Bob is a great character I really enjoyed sitting next to him over dinner really stimulating conversation all the guns were very enjoyable to be with.

If you have any other days at Snilesworth coming up please let me know as I am keen to get some more practice in and subject to my diary would be available!

Nick Warfield

5 / 5 stars

Grouse Testimonial

A Day on the Driven Grouse

You’re the best! For my first driven grouse experience, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Your company was extremely professional and every one of your staff were incredibly friendly, and couldn’t have been more helpful.

All the details were taken care of, I just had to focus on my shooting. If you are looking for the complete package done right, this is the team to use.

Raymond Oglethorpe

Former President, America Online

5/ 5 stars

Bransdale Testimonial

Driven Grouse Shooting on Bransdale Moor

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed my day at Bransdale. It was an absolute credit to your team. The keepers were charming and enthusiastic and very keen to hear how North York’s Moors compared and if I was having a good day. Apart from there being masses of grouse and a very beautiful place which has clearly recently had significant investment including rebuilt and new butts (in the right place too!) there was a really positive buzz about the place.

The other thing which was just fantastic was the halting of the beating line at 100 yards out – just as we have discussed – and one or two lads coming forward after a few moments and asking if one needed help. So I think Connie my dog picked about 70 grouse. That in itself made my year! Anyway thank you I had a great day. Please pass on my bravos to your team.


5 / 5 stars

Snilesworth Testimonial


I had the good fortune of shooting a day of late season grouse at Snilesworth in October of 2014. William Powell put on a great day. We started with drinks and dinner at the Black Swan with our own living room and Katherine making sure our night was superb. The living room had the wood burning fireplace, the bar and our dining table with decanters and wine awaiting. Everyone had a nice dinner and retired to be greeted with a full breakfast to be ready for the day ahead. On my shoot day the entire William Powell team was present.

We had three drives prior to lunch. Chris Maxted was my loader and made sure I was looked after and encouraged. James Chapel was there as well to give encouraging words and insight. We had a great lunch in Bob’s shoot box and enjoyed some game off of Snilesworth. The afternoon the conditions were a bit tougher with higher winds and some rain. It was a truly great day. Many thanks to William Powell, Mark Osborne and especially Bob Cieslukowski.

Shawn Gilbert

Exclusive Locations

As well as the many managed and associated Estates that we have access to we also have some very select, exclusive Estates that we can offer but can’t name.

These offer the very best Sport in private, non-commercial, locations set in wonderful surroundings, whilst providing the finest hospitality and accommodation.

For information on these Estates please contact us on 01295 661033.