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Argentinian Doves

They'll certainly keep you busy for the day!

Eared doves provide the best big-bag shooting experience in the world. There are believed to be around 30 million of these doves in the fields around Córdoba in northern Argentina, It is not unknown for a single gun to shoot 1000 birds in a day there! The eared doves around Córdoba do not migrate and the enormous flocks there are described as flying constantly between roosting woods and the open fields on which they go to feed. In the Córdoba region, the eared doves are known as palomas doradas because of the shining feathers sometimes present in their plumage.

Eared doves feed mainly on seed. They are regarded by Argentinian farmers as agricultural pests. Their flight is high, fast and direct, with the regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings which are characteristic of pigeons in general. There appears to be no fixed breeding season in most of their range and provided they have plentiful food and habitat, they will breed almost continuously throughout the year.


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